War Only Results In Corruption

31 Jan

This is just routine practice for war. The act of war is rarely ever a heroic adventure as depicted in Hollywood, but just a chance for the petty criminals to steal money from their enemies and allies. All the more reason to just leave people alone. For a long time now America has been starting wars, and just as Eisenhower warned us the military industrial complex rules us. Where else do you think that money went? 

Pentagon Unable to Account for Missing Iraqi Millions

Eamon Javers
January 30, 2012

The Pentagon doesn’t know what happened to more than $100 million in cash held at Saddam Hussein’s palace in Baghdad during the Iraq war, according to a new report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

What’s more, the Pentagon can’t find documents to explain what it spent as much as $1.7 billion on from funds held on behalf of the Iraqi government by the New York Federal Reserve, the report says.

The missing records raise new questions about how the US government handled billions of dollars in Iraqi funds during the war.

The new report, the latest in a multi-year investigation by the inspector general into missing money in Iraq, paints a picture of Pentagon officials digging through boxes of hard copy records looking for missing paper copies of Excel spreadsheets, monthly reports and other paper documents that should have been kept detailing what the money was spent on and why those expenditures were necessary. Apparently, there are no electronic records to back up the spending.

Full article here


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2 responses to “War Only Results In Corruption

  1. georgesblog360

    January 31, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Yes, war is a commercial action, and the action that changes the commercial world. In effect, governments operate in the belief that they have to assault people, take their stuff, and provide it at a cost that people are willing to pay.


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