Pedophilia Becoming Normalize as a Disability Rather Than a Crime

10 Jan

      Hopefully this is not the first warning of a larger trend starting. Sadly from all indications I believe we will see such deviants be listed as a condition rather than a crime. This is why Hollywood is allowed to slyly promote pedophilia through sexualization of minors, and groups like NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) are allowed to exist unfettered. Once this is seen as a normal part of life you will see the definition expand to the point where many more people will be listed as such and subject to special attention or monitoring.

Furor in Greece over pedophilia as a disability

Greece Recognizes Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Kleptomania As Disabilities
10th Jan, 2012

Greece paralyzed again as austerity vote loomsATHENS, Greece — Greek disability groups expressed anger Monday at a government decision to expand a list of state-recognized disability categories to include pedophiles, exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs.
The National Confederation of Disabled People called the action “incomprehensible,” and said pedophiles are now awarded a higher government disability pay than some people who have received organ transplants.
The Labor Ministry said categories added to the expanded list — that also includes pyromaniacs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists and sadomasochists — were included for purposes of medical assessment and used as a gauge for allocating financial assistance.
But NCDP leader Yiannis Vardakastanis, who is blind, warned the new list could create new difficulties for disabled Greeks who are already facing benefit cuts due to the country’s financial crisis.
“What’s happened is incomprehensible. I think there is some big mistake. The ministry should have a different policy on disability,” Vardakastanis told the Associated Press. “The list contains major changes to disability quotients, which could effectively remove many people from access to benefits.”
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Corey Feldman Exposing Hollywood pedophilia update:

‘I will reveal the names of TWO Hollywood paedophiles that abused me,’ says Corey Feldman

As a teenage star Corey Feldman starred in some classic movies and became an eighties Hollywood icon.
But on film sets such as The Goonies, Stand By me and The Lost Boys he claims to have been sexually abused by paedophiles.
The Dancing On Ice star admits he was preyed on by many men and he plans to reveal the names of two Hollywood perverts in a tell all book.


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