DARPA Can Make Time Disappear

05 Jan

      Here is just another example of how the science behind closed doors are leaps and bounds beyond what most people find feasible. As what should always be asked, now that we have been given this peek into this science, how far have they gone behind the doors that remain closed? It would make no sense at all for the military to reveal any science that is at the forefront of their research.

Off the clock: Scientists create cloaking device that ‘hides’ whole events – making time itself disappear

By Rob Waugh

Most of the human race don’t have any problem making time disappear – but scientists have cracked a very hi-tech way of doing exactly that.
Scientists have developed a ‘temporal cloaking’ device that can hide events from view.
The demonstration ‘hid’ events for 40 trillionths of a second – or 40 picoseconds – by speeding up and slowing down different parts of a light beam.
The different parts of the light beam were then put back together, so that any observers could not detect what happened during the ‘hidden’ time.
The information is simply not there to be read or reconstructed.
So far, the technique only works on periods of 0.00012 of a second – so the police can probably rest easy, as evildoers would have to move far faster than human beings ever could to ‘conceal’ their actions.
Instead, the ‘hidden’ fractions of a second could be used for ultra-secure communications.
The scientists think that the technique could even be combined with recent advances in optical ‘cloaking’ – to hide an event in both space and time.
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