End of The Year Message and Song

27 Dec

Alegría en el Dolor – by Alan Watt

Alan Watt’s Cutting Through The Matrix

Alan Watt is a researcher into the causes and effects of the events and elites throughout history into the present. He is one of the most valuable resources that anyone interested in the why and how of current events. He once worked within the music industry, and every Christmas for some years now he sits back and gives a song to his listeners. Alan has taught me a lot and so I share this with you on this 3rd day of Christmas (the 12 days of Christmas was the period between the birth and the arrival of the three kings on January 6th). I hope all had a Merry Christmas and will have a good New Year. For myself and historically this is a time for reflection and heightened spiritual awareness. As the light of the sun dims and the cold settles in the time for physical activity wanes and the inner light and spiritual activity becomes the focus. No matter your feelings on the subject, Christ’s story was one that was supposed to teach us of the power within the individual while still feeling their connection to each other in a deeper, more meaningful way. Going into the New Year don’t lose sight of yourself amongst all the fear and crisis. As we shine brighter individually we allow others to shine as well. The microcosm is connected to the macrocosm in every way. We are all in this together but we survive as individuals working together, not as a single mass lumped together. The true understanding of that principle can be hard to understand for some in this crazy world, but it is the only thing that will get us through. Anyway, turn the lights down low and let the beautiful sounds of a Spanish flavored classical guitar fill your heart and wash a way the chaotic fear.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year! We will make it through this “winter” somehow.

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