New Orleans Calling For National Gaurd To Police The City

22 Dec

With the NDAA bill waiting for the President’s signature there is possibly more evidence how we could see the military being used in America. Some of the worst evils are carried out in secret by manipulating the good intentions of well meaning people. It is truly sad when violent crime takes the life of anyone, not to mention the devastation of losing a young child to needless violence. The problem with this is the fact that in life tragedies happen, and they happen more often within dense cities, especially at the times of a falling economy. People in New Orleans are experiencing increased violence in these hard times. The city officials are using the tragedy of a young child being killed to request the state to send in the National Guard to police the city. Even though this is a noble cause we can’t lose the principles of a free nation when faced with fear. There are too many dangers to a standing army being aloud to police the people. Corruption and the abuse of authority follow military whenever they are deployed. We can;t open this Pandora’s box. This will condition us for the President
using the military within America when faced with a crisis.

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