The Sick Might As Well Be Dead And The Dead A Light Bulb?

06 Dec

    The dehumanization of humanity continues in the UK. Don’t be surprised when this comes to the States. These articles play into the exaggerated environmental issue(made a huge issue in order to label people as the enemy to their own existence so they can wage a war against us) and lies of over population. If they have their way the sick will be seen as better off dead and the dead will no longer be sacred but recycled. These ideas can have lasting effects on our views of the sacredness of life and our inalienable rights as spiritual beings. Gradual traumatization of these bedrock ideas can prepare us for excepting ideas that would have at one time thought impossible. We need to hold on to our humanity before it is redefined to suit some on else’s plans.

NHS must come clean over use of ‘death pathway’

A leading doctor has called for the NHS to reveal the true extent of the use of the controversial ‘death pathway’ after a report found up to half of families are not informed of its use.

Loved ones not always told their relative is on controversial 'death pathway' Thousands of patients in the NHS are put onto the Liverpool Care Pathway each year in their last days and hours.
It aims to give patients a ‘good death’ by avoiding unnecessary and burdensome medical intervention but there have been accusations it hastens death because it can involve the removal of artifical hydration and nutrition.
A report into palliative care in the NHS found that in one, unnamed hospital trust, half of families were not told that their loved one had been placed on the LCP and in a quarter of trusts, one in three families were not informed.
Dr Patrick Pullicino, a consultant neurologist at East Kent University Hospitals, said it was vital that more information was made available about the use of the Liverpool Care Pathway in the NHS.
He said: “We need to know how frequently it is being used. Data should be released showing the proportion of patients who die in hospital who were on the Liverpool Care Pathway and how many were on it against their will or that of their family.”
Tens of thousands of patients with terminal illnesses are being placed on a “death pathway”, almost double the number just two years ago, the Royal College of Physicians has found.
Health service guidance states that doctors should discuss with relations whether or not their loved one is placed on the scheme which allows medical staff to withdraw fluid and drugs in a patient’s final days. In many cases this is not happening, an audit has found.
In one hospital trust, doctors had conversations with fewer than half of families about the care of their loved one. In a quarter of hospital trusts, discussions were not held with one in three families.
Overall, doctors discussed plans with relations in 94 per cent of cases, which is an improvement since the last audit but still means thousands of families were not informed. Under the guidance, patients who are close to death can be placed on the Liverpool Care Pathway, so called because it was developed at the Royal Liverpool Hospital in the 1990s. It aims to ensure they die without being subjected to unnecessary interference by staff.
In addition to the withdrawal of fluid and medication, patients can be placed on sedation until they pass away. This can mean they are not fed and provided with water and has led to accusations that it hastens death Read more

A dead heat – crematorium to sell power for National Grid

A crematorium is planning to become the first in the UK to generate electricity to sell to the National Grid – by using heat from its furnaces.

A dead heat - crematorium to sell power for National Grid Durham Crematorium wants to install turbines in two of its burners, which would use the heat generated during the cremation process to provide the same amount of electricity as would power 1,500 televisions.
A third burner is to be used to provide heating for the site’s chapel and its offices.
The scheme would be the first of its kind in the UK but industry experts say that it could be followed by other similar projects.
Read more
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