John Lennon: War Is Over

06 Dec

     As war rages across much of the globe for misguided reasons we have to realize that peace is up to the people. It may be a dream, but if we stopped participating in this system around us they would have to stop and give us what we want in order to have us keep the wheels turning in their machine. With the anniversary of John Lennon’s murder approaching lets remember his simple message, War Is Over If You Want It. John Lennon may have been misguided himself, at times traveling down the path of pushing ideals tied to political systems. Later on in his life he was finally seeing the bigger picture. It is a shame that we lost the voice of a man who was truly beginning to understand what was going on, we could have used his words now.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of Yoko Ono’s organizations or attempts to profit off of the memory of John Lennon. Her message is misguided and seems to be driven by political ideals, not by true peace.

John Lennon Talking About The New World Order, War And The System We Live Under

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Posted by on December 6, 2011 in video clip


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