Smart Meter Radiation

17 Oct

Smart meters used by power companies are going in all over the country. Aside from the issue of the smart meters being able to monitor what your using your electricity to power instead of just how much you are using. This alone brings up the issues of “Big Brother” watching your electricity consumption in order to possible ration electricity in the future. These smart meters use multiple wireless data transfer techniques to relay this data to the power company. In the process of relay process all the meters in a neighborhood relay this data to each other. This may have implications of issues with data security, but the bigger issue is in order to constantly network all the meters together there is a massive amount of microwave radiation coming from these meters. If you are worried about cell phone radiation and the issues of electrical pollution on the body, you need to see how much energy is being pumped through you and your home:

If you want to know more details about the smart meter technology watch this and imagine the future “utopia” that will come:

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