DC Police Are Taking The Scum Off Of The Street One Expired Vehicle Registration At A Time

06 Oct

    In a country where the economy is falling apart and subsequently crime rising it is disgusting to think of a police department using it’s time, money, and resources to process arrests of people with expired vehicle registration. The nations capital is clearly becoming a police state. A quote from the article sums up the ridiculous state of mind a police department would have to have in order to operate in such a fashion. the traffic offender said he was transported from the precinct to another holding cell in the basement of a separate courthouse. His detainment lasted hours. Confused, at one point he asked an official whether the department processes a lot of people for registration violations. 

According to his account, after the official replied yes, he made a crack about “hardened criminals.” The official then snapped that he wouldn’t be saying that if someone he loved got hit by someone else with an expired registration. 
“That argument really does not make much sense to me,” he told “An expired registration really has no bearing whatsoever on your ability to drive a car.” 

So if your in the DC area beware police are afraid of you if you don’t have all your papers in order!

Auto Owners Beware — D.C. Cops Throw Drivers in Jail for Expired Tags, AAA Cries Foul

In a city that hosts its fair share of murders and terror plots, Washington, D.C., police are cracking down on another threat to the nation’s capital — expired vehicle registrations. 
To the frustration of forgetful drivers, Metropolitan Police Department officers are throwing people in jail for letting their tag renewals lapse. The practice provoked somewhat of a backlash last year after a local mother from Maryland was jailed for what in many places would be a routine traffic offense punishable by fine. But the department continues to reserve and exercise the right to throw drivers in the clink for missing the DMV deadline, no matter where they’re from. 

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