Co-Opting Of Occupy Wall Street

03 Oct

     The protestors that have taken to the streets in Wall Street and around the country have noble intentions, speaking to the problems of the rich and bankers oppressing the people. However most of them being leftest in their views, I was willing to put that aside to see if these messages could be spread to a wider audience.
     My questions and concerns grew when the presence of more and more celebrities were seen on the streets to support the protestors. Through various means Hollywood and the music industry can reign in their celebrities if need be, so the more celebrities that show, the more caution that needs to be taken. The worst instance of which was the video which was shot of Michael Moore‘s words at the Occupy Wall Street protests this past week. He was asked of his feelings of the Federal Reserve, and responded that the problem does not lie with the Fed but with Capitalism itself. He then went on to call for the end of capitalism as he has in his most recent of documentary.
     The real problem with the economy is the fact that our banking system and government has driven our economy into so much debt that for a very long time our system has only been able to exist by going deeper into debt. As debt increases the more money of ours that the government has to take in order to payoff the interest incurred and loans needed to keep feeding the banking system.
     As the disturbing arrests of hundreds of protestors in New York were taking place yesterday the protests were spreading to other cities. The message is being spread and becoming more transparent. There is more media that are going out to these protests in order to ask the protestors why they are there. As they scream about how horrible the economy has become as of late, there was an unusual amount of protestors calling for the re-election of President Obama. The protestors are demanding the taxation of who they perceive as rich, and the passing of such plans support by Obama. The true problem with such ideas the missing facts of taxation of the rich. For example, the high taxation of someone making around $200,000 as Obama’s plan calls for will only serve to damage the tax payer but never raise enough money to fix the debt crisis. The true hole in the taxation codes are the massive waivers given to giant corporations (article showing some of the history of these tax breaks). Even thou the debt problem is already reached dire proportions you can’t begin to understand the problem until you can see this. 

      These messages are coming out as their seems to be more involvement from groups like talking about and promoting the protests. Moveon.og has a known history of being partially funded by the big Wall Street name of George Soros. When you see George Soros interests involved and also look at the reality of calling for the re-election of President Obama you see the interest of these Wall Street bankers being promoted there is major concern the these interests are co-opting the protestors. As the co-opting occurs the general message of identifying Wall Street as the enemies of the people is being replaced by a political message supporting politicians with a pro-banking policy followed by near socialistic demands upon the government.
    I have been putting off the publication of this article to hear more about what the protestors are asking for. As the mainstream media is starting to follow these previously mentioned demands, the word on the street from alternative media sources is that the majority of the protestors on the streets do know the true problem is with the Federal Reserve creating the problems in the economy which has led to the government taxing the people for the banks benefit. However good that the true grassroots message is alive with the majority of the protestors, it will end up being the message of the ones that are supporting more communistic ideas of wealth redistribution that will get attention from the media.
     It is up to these protestors that are amongst these socialist to continue to educate them in the hopes that the Occupy Wall Street movement will develop into the occupy the Federal Reserve protest. The only way to combat this issue is to go after the heart of the problem. Hopefully we will not be dragged down in another George Soros funded U.S. government directed color revolution. If we drop these socialistic demands and focus on attacking the heart of the problem, The Federal Reserve, this could develop into a movement with the proper direction to make real change.Otherwise we will find ourselves with a government granted more power to control our lives and feed money to the bankers. Thus completely undermining the initial intent of the protestors.

Here is a film that helps to show the problems with the American banking system:

Update 10/6/11: Now that the left is putting effort behind the co-opting the movement the media coverage has sky-rocketed! The Co-opters have submitted their list of demands with no mention of the problems with the Federal Reserve, completely ignoring the heart of the problem.

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