"It’s sad but true! Everyone’s a little bit racist"

30 Sep

     From an early age we are molded by what is introduced to our environment. A baby will have no preconceived notions of anything in the world. The media we consume daily from an early age is bathed in stereotypes. We make these connections on a sub conscious level even if the lessons others teach us make us behave as if we have no stereotypes dictating our thoughts about people. The lesson here is to not under estimate the messages that media give us. Just because we are smart enough to reason things through and behave properly does not mean that the basic building blocks of our mind, our subconscious isn’t effected by the constant stream of media which we consume.
     There is no question in most of the public’s conscious thoughts about the negative outlook on racism. The areas to be more concerned about is when there people’s thoughts are in flux on a topic that once had a general consensus. Division, chaos, and confusion are the tools of those who have a plan and desire to control a population. You always have to question their intentions when the most powerful of media comes from big money and investments (media depends upon – bankers to extend credit and investment & government to not over regulate).

Everyone’s a little bit racist – but it’s not our fault: Blame TV and magazines instead, say scientists

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Posted by on September 30, 2011 in Propoganda


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