Further Integration Of The EU Super State

28 Sep

      The European Union was supposed to be a economic union, but they are working on taking this union one step closer to a massive integrated super state. World wars have been fought to stop such things.

Now the EU plans to impose its own criminal offences and punishments

VrIs there any limit to the ambitions of the European Union? Evidently not, if the EU’s latest proposal is anything to go by. Viviane Reding, the EU’s Justice Commissioner, is calling for a European Criminal Policy. She evidently wants it to do for justice what the CAP and CFP have done for farmers and fishermen.
Anyway, it’s a frightening proposal because she is demanding the right to impose European-wide criminal offences and to set minimum sentences. And she’s citing a 2005 ruling from the European Court of Justice along with the Lisbon Treaty to back up her right to implement the policy.
The court declared that the EU could impose its own criminal offences “where it is essential in order to facilitate the enforcement of EU law”. But what is counted as EU law is about to massively expand.
We shouldn’t worry, apparently, because, according to Ms Reding, member states will retain an “important voice in the decision-making process” – although the decisions will actually be made at a European level.

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