Door To Door Vaccines

27 Sep

     California is one of the most draconian states as far as vaccinations are concerned. There is currently a law on the governor’s desk dealing with children being able to consent to their own HPV vaccinations. As the people of California (not the government) seem to be waking up to the dangers of vaccines, there is a recent news report from Natomas, California where a school nurse and official is going door to door in order to administer the Tdap ( tetanus, diphtheria , and pertussis) vaccine.
     The media and school officials speak in a way to make it seem that all students must be vaccinated without exception, but there always have been ways to option out of any vaccination program. These door to door vaccination is an attempt to reinforce such preconceptions of mandatory vaccinations for a time where the governments may officially remove any opt out procedure. Students without proper vaccinations are told they will be kept from attending with the threat of eventual truancy if they miss too many days. This is an abuse through color of law because they don’t ever tell the parents of all their options.
      The medical tyranny is closing in on our schools. They desire to have full compliance to vaccinations. You have to wonder the reasons for such desires due to the massive contributions and rewards provided by the pharmaceutical industry to our politicians and schools.
       If you ever want to opt out yourself you have to demand the paper work or regulations for declaring a religious or philosophical exemption.
     Ask yourself, If all those who trust vaccines are vaccinated then what do they have to fear from those of us who do not agree with vaccinations? So leave those of us alone to take chances with our lives, and stand behind our convictions.

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Posted by on September 27, 2011 in medicine


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