OnStar’s Un-Privacy Statement

22 Sep

     We no longer think of the implications of the technology which we integrate into our lives. Most people have heard of the idea of Big Brother and the tracking of the society. One of the examples of technology watching us is through your car’s OnStar device.Where at one time OnStar claimed to not share information with third parties you will see that is no longer the situation. You will see that you do not even need a plan with OnStar for some of this information to be collected. We are not humans with rights to privacy anymore but data to be collected for marketers and those who analyze our behavior.

A. What Information does OnStar collect?
The information we collect about you includes:
• your contact information, (including your name, address, telephone number and email address);
• your billing information (including your credit card number);
• information about the purchase or lease of your Vehicle, such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, year and date of purchase or lease and selling/preferred dealer; and
• other information that you voluntarily provide to us (such as your language preference, your license plate number and/or your emergency contact information).
The information we may collect from your Vehicle includes:
• information about your Vehicle’s operation, including such things as diagnostic trouble codes, oil life remaining, tire pressure, fuel economy and odometer readings;
• information about crashes involving your Vehicle, including the direction from which your Vehicle was hit, which air bags have deployed, and safety belt usage;
• information about your use of the Vehicle and its features, such as whether you have paired a mobile device with your Vehicle;
• information about when your Vehicle’s ignition is turned on or off and when your fuel is refilled; and
• in the limited circumstances listed below, the location and the approximate speed of your Vehicle based on the Global Positioning System (“GPS”) satellite network:
• when there is a request for Service (for example when you request driving directions);
• when there is an air bag deployment or automatic crash response (so we can inform emergency Service Providers);
• when there is a request for Stolen Vehicle Assistance (to assist law enforcement in the recovery of your Vehicle);
• when needed to protect the safety of you or others (for example, to locate a missing person);
• when needed by us or our Service Providers for our quality, research or troubleshooting purposes;
• as required by OnStar for the delivery of new or enhanced services that you have requested;
• as required by law; or
• for any purpose, at any time, provided that following collection of such location and speed information identifiable to your Vehicle, it is shared only on an anonymized basis.
If you use Hands-Free Calling minutes, we may obtain certain Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) such as call detail records, the number of minutes purchased, the date minutes were purchased, the number of remaining minutes, and their expiration date. We do not share CPNI information specific to you with third parties for their marketing purposes.

A. We share selected information with the following third parties:
• roadside assistance providers;
• emergency Service Providers;
• law enforcement or other public safety officials;
• our wireless Service Providers;
• your satellite radio provider;
• credit card processors;
• data management companies; and
• others as may be required to provide Service, to manage or operate the Data Connection, to protect the safety of you or others, or as required by law.
B. We may also share information we collect about you or your Vehicle with the following (this does not include the sharing, other than on an anonymized basis, of the location or speed of your Vehicle, or your safety belt usage or credit card information):
• your Vehicle Maker, to enable it to evaluate or research the safety, quality, usage and functionality of its vehicles, to contact you with important information about your Vehicle or for marketing purposes;
• our affiliates, to enable them to provide Service or the Data Connection, to evaluate or research the safety, quality, usage and functionality of the Equipment, Service or Data Connection, to contact you with important information about your Vehicle, or for marketing purposes;
• Vehicle dealers, to assist in servicing your Vehicle, or for marketing purposes;
• your satellite radio provider and our wireless Service Providers, to enable them to contact you with important information about your satellite or wireless services or for marketing purposes;
• third parties with whom we contract with to conduct joint marketing initiatives with OnStar;
• your fleet company, if you drive a Vehicle that is part of a fleet;
• your rental company, if you drive a rental Vehicle; and
• any third party, provided the information is anonymized
See the whole OnStar 2011 Privacy Statement here

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