Our Hormones Are Under Attack

29 Aug

     In this modern world of ours we are surrounded by chemicals that are used to produce the products we use everyday. Most of us have no idea all the chemicals that we are surrounded by unusual chemicals used in the production of all the things we use or eat everyday. Those who make money from the manufacturing of this modern world do not want us to think about the implications of this could be.
      We all have heard of the possible cancer causing affects of many of the synthetic chemicals used in manufacturing. Beyond that there is another side effect that seems to becoming more common in the chemicals that we are exposed to. There is an abundance of chemicals that are endocrine disruptors. The most recent instance of this in the news is (continued bellow):

Greenpeace finds toxic chemicals in branded clothing

By Sebastien Blanc (AFP) – 6 days ago

BEIJING — Traces of toxic chemicals harmful to the environment and to human health have been detected in products made by 14 top clothing manufacturers, Greenpeace said Tuesday.

Samples of clothing from top brands including Adidas, Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lacoste, Converse and Ralph Lauren were found to be tainted with the chemicals, known as nonylphenol ethoxylates, the watchdog said at the launch of its report “Dirty Laundry 2”.

Greenpeace campaigner Li Yifang said that nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), commonly used as detergents in industries including the production of natural and synthetic textiles, were detected in two-thirds of the samples the group tested.

“NPEs break down to form nonylphenol, which has toxic, persistent and hormone-disrupting properties,” Li told journalists in Beijing.

“It mimics female hormones, alters sexual development and affects reproductive systems.”

Components of NPEs have been implicated in the widespread “feminisation” of male fish in parts of Europe and also in disrupting hormone processes in some mammals, according to the campaign group WWF.
Read entire article:

   We have come across this many times, but usually discount the effects because of the difficulty in avoiding these chemicals that seem to be everywhere. The chemical in this category that seems to be the most saturated in our everyday lives in America is Bisphenol A (BPA). It is an estrogen mimicking chemical that is used in the production of many types of flexible plastics used in food packaging and bottles. Even in the Wikipedia article you can see the laundry list of concerns with BPA ingestion. The concerns are so substantial that numerous governments have already banned the use of BPA in baby bottles.
   There should be many concerns about the effects that these endocrine disruptors have on our reproductive systems, not to mention cancer causing effects. In the last twenty or thirty years the use of these chemicals have grown exponentially. Due to the fact that females are born with all their eggs, we may not know the truwe effects until our youngest now try to reproduce. These effects of chemicals like this also grown with each generation. It is important that we become aware of these problems now before it is too late for our future generations.

Watch this CBC documentary that looks into the effects of these endocrine disrupting chemicals for more details!

The Disappearing Male

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