1982 Interview of Reece Committee’s Investigator Norman Dodd

19 Aug

     Here is an interview of Norman Dodd by researcher G. Edward Griffin. As will be explained in the interview Norman Dodd rose to a prominent position in New York banking. He researched the problems with banking following the crash of 1929. He was later appointed to investigate the tax exempt foundations for the Reece Committee. He found that America was being undermined by purposeful unsound banking practices and the foundations attempt to destroy the country’s founding principles through controlling the education system. Possibly the most shocking detail being that the tax exempt foundations purposefully using their grant giving capability to mold American society to the point that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet system. Hear it in his own words:

Part 1 of 6 –  here is the entire playlist to continue viewing

watch all parts on You Tube


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