Super "VIllian" Congress Will Kill America

03 Aug

   Order out of chaos is the mantra of the wise men who make a living out of guiding the direction of humanity. Whether it is in politics or banking, these men know that through crisis and fear they can introduce solutions that would otherwise not be accepted by the general populace. Although highly adaptable humans do not desire change. We as a species gravitate towards the familiar. Due to our nature their is this need for fear of/or crisis to move us to change. Many sciences like psychology, sociology, anthropology and more come together to create the understanding of how to manage human behavior. Whether or not you can see the possibility of the elites of the world to plan in such a manner it is becoming undeniable that these same factors are coming together to create a huge change through all the world, and especially here in America.
     We have been warned of the debt limit crisis numerous times over the past year with the fear being ramped up in the last few weeks.  We have been warned of the possible problems which could be created for America’s credit, which will not be adverted regardless of the outcome of this debt limit “crisis”. Just as the economic crisis at the end of 2008 people began to feel the fear when the president comes out and tells people that there is something to be afraid of. Traditionally the government, especially the President should try to calm fears because of the irrevocable damage that can be done to the confidence in the economy. This building of tension could just be the fear of a powerful man being expressed, but the result is the priming of the public for a desperate answer for desperate times.
    Like any other mammal Humans can only take so many crises before they break down. Once the someone sees crisis all around them, like Pavlov’s dog that person will sit and cower. The human version of this is apathy and addictive consumption of forms of distraction. This would explain the never ending success of all forms of mass media since the complexity of the modern era has been our way of life. This type of aversion or apathy creates a situation ripe for change beyond the normal human tolerance.
    We have come to a moment of major change in what is arguably the most powerful country the world has ever seen. Due to the planned post industrial economy that has been put into place the nation’s economy is in dire straits, along with the rest of the industrialized world. In order to avert this crisis of their own creation the House and Senate has passed a bill that will overhaul the very fabric of the legislative body while eroding a major principle of the separation of powers. Relief may wash over the many that will get their social security, payroll, and benefit checks while the rise of a new form of government takes place within this (very) former Republic.
   We have been fear mongered into this decision because Congress could not compromise and act fast enough. The Founding Fathers of this nation knew what the enemies to the liberties of free people. They warned of the power of a King, and the manipulation of the herd mentality of the masses. If this continues it will be the manipulation of the masses that will have allowed the consolidation of power into fewer hands. Now we are looking at something foreign to the principles of American government.
    This new deal will create the recently talked about Super Congress. A group of 13 people will have the authority to create bills and present them to the legislative body for a simple up down vote with out the ability to amend the bills as presented. If the bill does not pass the still have the ability to enact it due to the need to avoid another stalemate in emergency matters such as this debt issue which brought this “problem” in the first place. This group would consist of  6 House members and 6 Senate members with the President the 13th member of this hand picked (without any voice from the people) Super Congress. The legislation that the Super Congress will not be able to be amended or filibustered. It can be passed by a simple majority, and if not it automatically triggers massive spending cuts (possibly to put the fear into politicians to go along with the legislation).
   There are many issues with transparency that is also coming to light. The super congress will be able to receive recommendations, but there will be no public disclosure of such proceedings. At a time when there has been continuing promises of transparency in such issues, this is a huge set back for the calls for the public to have more insight into the inner workings of the nations legislative processes. Some believe that if the public is not aloud to see the source of legislation this super congress will become a breeding ground for ideas that originate from lobbyists that would otherwise be undesirable to most of the public.
    This Super Congress idea was presented to us as only being for solving the debt limit crisis, but even before the bill was passed by both houses of congress high ranking members will announcing how this will be used in any situation that has proved a problem for the powers that be. Just as before this Super committee was dreamed of legislation of all kinds have been wrapped up in budget bills. Many people in government and out of fear that the issues that divide Americans the most will be decided with secret recommendations to this shadowy congressional “star chamber”. Groups such as Gun Owners of America have sent out alerts about the possible threat to the 2nd amendment due to the repeated threats of this administration’s desire to change this right.
    Some in the media has compared this to be a kind of Leninist takeover of the issue. Lenin like the other tyrannical and socialist governments believe that only select experts have the wisdom to run the country for the benefit of all. If we read the histories, we know that the only benefit is for the experts in government and the bureaucracy. That is obviously the direction in which this steps in. The true voice of the people are being entirely cut out through this new committee. Whether or not it may be something as bad as Leninist, it certainly is not constitutional.
    Despite the passing of this deal which is being hailed as saving us at the last minute there are many saying that this will do nothing to save the country from a major economic crisis unlike what has been seen before. The former Comptroller General David Walker has responded to these fears recently:

“The fact of the matter is that government has grown too big, promised too much and waited too long to restructure. Our problem is overwhelmingly a spending problem.”
“Lets understand something very simple. If you have escalating deficits and mounting debt, that means you have to increase the debt ceiling limit at some point and it means absent structural reforms in entitlement programs, defense and other spending, those represent deferred tax increases.”
“We are not exempt from a debt crisis,” he said. “We’re never going to default, because we can print money. At the same point in time, we have serious interest rate risk, we have serious currency risk, we have serious inflation risk over time. If it happens, it will be sudden and it will be very painful.”

These problems with inflation has destroyed the value of our money, and as a result we do not pay back our debt with the proper value. In order for our creditors to get the proper value for the loans made our credit rating will still have to be downgraded. The fixes are all propaganda because, China has even declared it publicly that America has already begun to default on our debt.
    However true it is that our government has not been wise in it’s economic policy, it needs to be noticed that the majority of the post industrial countries in the world have taken a similar economic policy. You need production capabilities to make money, but the governments have legislated and along with international finance bankers have funded the pooling of production capabilities in a select few countries (examples: China, India, Brazil). This along with the government taking on the debt of failed banks and all that entails has backed us into a debt corner where we can’t ever pay it all back.
    We have possible seen the rise of a new government out of the confusion and apathy of fear. A new government that will only be for the benefit of the elite and the parasite bankers/corporations that have been feeding off of the taxes we pay.
    This situation is the very definition for the meaning of the quote from Plato, Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.” That is why it is those who are not enveloped by the fog which is created by this modern times and propaganda to sound the alarms that the form of government that has protected our liberties for all of our history has had a war started upon it. We can’t allow the author Plato (teacher to the elite) be correct. Human will and freedom can defeat all.

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