Putting the Hole-y In the Environmental Movement

29 Jul

    The environmentalists and scientists have given us this green movement as a call to “save” the earth. It is almost entirely based on computer models (which can only give the answers in is programed to give, in other words computer programs can’t think outside set parameters) that are fed to us mostly completely through selective channels. These scientists and environmentalists come from grant (pulled by their purse strings) funded sources. Their science has never stood up to true scrutiny, but this is never the issue because the issue is controlled by governments and mass media who present the issue in a way to put the burden of proof on “climate change” (climate is in a state of perpetual change) deniers. If their is no hard evidence of anthropogenic climate change(human caused climate change) this clearly has to be labeled as a faith (glaciers grow and retreat, waters rise and fall, and storm intensities wax and wan all through out time regardless of human activity).
       This faith is having the holes put into it recently from some substantial sources. New NASA data is showing that the Earth is giving off far more heat than the global warming alarmists computer models have predicted. In short this means that human carbon emissions is not trapping heat in the atmosphere as is the main tenant of the anthropogenic global warming. If the earth is giving off larger amounts of heat than predicted the only source for any warming is the sun itself. Obviously the sun is well beyond the reach of the influence of basic human activity. That false assumption is the premise that is leading to everything from local and global governments to assume the right to control and regulate along with massive taxation of all resources and land.
      The carbon is the scientific argument in the global warming debate, but the emotional debate (admittedly the preferred propaganda method) has revolved around the effects on the animals, namely the polar bear especially. Recently Charles Monnett one of the scientists who is responsible for putting the polar bear issue on the map has been put on leave and under investigation for integrity issues. As he is still under investigation we will watch this issue closely.
     When you add up these problems and all the ones from the past involving things like climategate (you can find in old posts of mine) there is not enough evidence to make a case against what is to blame human activity for any kind of climate change there may be. If we allow them to blame human activity the governments will regulate us into a post industrial world where the resources are held in fewer hands for their own designs at the detriment of human development. Agenda 21 and all the Continuity of Government plans will take effect once humans are found guilty, and the experts will guide us because we failed to live outside of their guidance. Their tyranny will rise, and we will no longer live free and for ourselves. Stand up for truth and stay free.

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Posted by on July 29, 2011 in climate change


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