Government Granting Itself Super Powers

29 Jul

    Governments often times run a course of development, a type of an evolutionary cycle. In modern times most of the governments of the developed nations went through a phase that embraced the concept of the social contract between the governed and Government. At which point the public could lay claim to the highest levels of personal freedom and liberty.
  In almost all cases the state of the law does not maintain but only continues to build from the point of establishing a satisfactory social contract with the people. As the piles of legislation begin to accumulate it is inevitable that there will come a time where in order to justify its own existence the government will begin to step outside of it’s traditional defines role. Where once public safety, sanitation, and taxation was the domain of government now they dip their hands into every corner of their citizens lives. Protecting the people from every problem or pitfall that may come your way becomes Big Brother’s business. As you can see the problems begin to grow.
     In our case today the problems have grown to a point of such enormity that the government can no longer afford to fund all the solutions which they have offered us. This in turn has created a new crisis of money(no matter how orchestrated the problem has been by those in charge) which they have to offer a solution to. We are currently at the brink of the government losing the ability to fund all their ventures. People will lose money, Government may shut down, and credit ratings will go down causing massive economic ripples through America and the world. Congress can not decide on how to fix this massive economic problems, and time is running out for their to be a solution. It is times like these, where the social contract has been stretched to its max and crisis looms governments will take massive steps into dictatorial creeds.
   Do to the fact that Congress can not agree to a solution the leadership of the political parties are contemplating a Super Congress. This would have a select group of 12 representatives pass legislation to be fast tracked through the legislative body in a time as crisis such as this. Yet another example of the people’s voice being ignored completely. This government has dug this economic hole. Giving them more powers far outside of the Constitution is not the answer. This begins to look like the Communist system of rulings by committee.
  The Super Congress answer arises at the same time that others are asking President Obama to invoke the 14th amendment and use the near dictatorial powers that was exercised under its evocation after the Civil War. Either way our way of life is deteriorating in the name of government getting its way with unlimited power and money. Their answer is to change the rules as they go along. Many of the worst examples of tyranny have used the same route to their fall as well. Just think, our depression isn’t even as bad as what the Wiemar Republic had to deal with yet, and we may get their. We might only be seeing the beginning of what their answers are during real crisis.

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