The Club of Romes plan continues

24 Nov

The think tanks are the ones that develop the plans that are implemented by Governments years later. The book published by the Club of Rome titled, The First Global Revolution outlined the idea of needing to unite the world into a new system. They theorized a way to do so. They know that humans fall into line under leadership when in crisis war-like situations. The authors aimed to find the perfect vehicle for this. They decided the crisis of  climate change/sustainability would be the perfect vehicle. In the case of abusing the world’s resources and carbon producing activities the enemy is us, humans. Our behavior is the enemy. We are carbon life forms, so our very existence has to be controlled to save the earth.
Here is a new book outlining the need for a united world under the UN. Part two of the plan is now outlined in detail. Their plan is out there, and everything we know from history tells us that this plan is tyrannical.

Author Francesco Stipo to Present Book “World Federalist Manifesto” at the National Press Club

Francesco Stipo, Ph.D. Director of the USA Club of Rome, will present his book “World Federalist Manifesto. Guide to Political Globalization” in a Luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Washington, D.C. (MMD Newswire) November 18, 2009 — The “World Federalist Manifesto” deals with the United Nations reform and the development of an international organization that will represent world nations as a whole and will be able to deal with the global challenges of the new millennium. The “Club of Rome” is a think tank that in 1972 published the report “Limits to Growth”, which sold over 12 million copies worldwide.
The author analyzes different projects of reform of the United Nations.
“The United Nations can’t offer effective solutions because it doesn’t reflect the political and economic balances of world nations. In the General Assembly, a nation like Nauru that contributes just 0.001% of the U.N. budget has the same voting power of a nation such as the United States that contributes 22% of the U.N. budget” Francesco Stipo says. “The General Assembly needs to be reformed to reflect the political and economic balances of world nations”.
World Federalist Manifesto. Guide to Political Globalization
In case the U.N. cannot be reformed, the author calls for an alternative to the United Nations, a new international organization formed by NATO members. “NATO countries have similar economies and are based on democratic political systems” Dr. Stipo says. “The abatement of economic tariffs for countries in the NATO area would create a large free trade area supported by a common military structure. Other countries would be allowed to join once they meet certain economic criteria and they are founded on democratic principles. Such an organization would eventually substitute the role of the United Nations”.
“The economic downturn could have been prevented by a coordinated action of central banks and international regulatory bodies such as the Bank for International Settlements, the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO and the U.N. Economic and Social Council” the author says. “However, such coordination does not exist and global solutions cannot be implemented.” The “World Federalist Manifesto” calls for a centralization of the U.N. system and a better coordination of the work of the specialized agencies under the direction of the Secretary General. The book proposes that the different agencies (such as the FAO or WWF) assume the legal nature of Ministries, such as the International Department of Agriculture or the International Department of Environmental Protection).
The author adds that “a world government is the only solution to world problems, such as climate change and the global economic crisis. A world confederation that respects the sovereignty of world nations and that deals with the issues of international economy that cannot be dealt by one nation alone”.

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