Our histories are flushed down the memory hole

24 Nov

  Our history is the most important tool for our survival. The native peoples of the New World learned that lesson. Once your history is robbed you lose your foundation. Those in power want us off balanced and on the road of their definition of progressive thought. All throughout history it was the duty of the elderly to teach their histories to their youth. Without this foundation individuals and societies have very little to stand up for and defend. We stand on this shaky ground right now, and those who run education programs in the EU and US have been moving even further away from teaching of traditional histories. 
We need to stick to the ideals that allowed for humanity to survive this long. We can not reconstruct our histories for new ideals that we don’t understand or are untested. We need to hold true to the past. They don’t lie if you don’t lie to yourself. Those living have the pressures of life and greed that drive our actions and intentions. The good of the many can be usurped and obscured in this way. This is why American ideals are being watered down to fit into the new world system. America was once isolationist, which allowed us to grow despite the amazing amount of turmoil in the world throughout the first hundred years of  the USA. In the case of the EU, they now have a united Europe. The very same idea that those in the past knew was dangerous enough to sacrifice millions of lives to stop figures like Napoleon and Hitler. Now that the youth are disconnected from their true histories can the dreams of these megalomaniacs come to fruition. Were they ever truly defeated? Did our ancestors die to defeat them or to fight for them.

Propaganda steal the essence of who we were and who we are……

EU history will be all the history taught in schools

As Ed Balls proposes to abolish the remains of old-school history, the EU proposes to make the teaching of its own history compulsory, says Christopher Booker

The latest initiative by our “Children’s Secretary”, Ed Balls, is to abolish what remains of fact-based teaching of history and geography in our schools. He plans to “roll them together into themed lessons on social issues such as global warming” (funny how that seems to seep into everything nowadays).
The ruthless drive of educational progressives to eliminate history-teaching from schools has been under way since the 1960s. The aim is to ensure that children know nothing about their country’s past or how the world came to be as it is, leaving their minds blankly open to whatever vacuous progressive claptrap is fed to them.

In his desire to chuck history onto what Lenin called “the scrapheap of history”, Mr Balls may have to make an exception, however. A campaign is now being mounted in the European Parliament to make it compulsory for children to be taught the history of the EU. According to Mário David, the Portuguese MEP leading the campaign and a former chief of staff to the Commission President Jose-Manuel Barroso, it Is vital to counter all the “lying, cheating and mistrust” that surrounds the EU in the minds of the peoples of Europe. Our children must therefore be indoctrinated accordingly.
A year or two back, when Richard North and I were writing a comprehensive history of “the European project”, The Great Deception, we were astonished to find just how horrendously misleading is the account of that history peddled by the EU itself on its Europa website. From laying claim to Churchill as father of the EU to consistently obscuring the nature of the key role played by Jean Monnet, they have come up with an official version of the origins of their “project” which bears virtually no relation to the facts. Doubtless this is just the sort of history which Mr Balls will be happy to allow in our schools – because “fact-based” it isn’t.

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